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Welcome to DirectTrust  

DirectTrust is a vibrant and collaborative non-profit alliance of 150 health IT and health care provider organizations who have joined forces to support secure, interoperable health information exchange via the Direct message protocols.  We have created a trusted network of networks that, as of early 2015, extends Direct exchange to over 40,000 health care organizations and 760,000 Direct addresses/accounts.  Over 300 EHR and PHR vendors' products, and over 50 HIEs, participate in the DirectTrust network, providing Direct's interoperability and security for exchanges of health information to more than half the professionals in the U.S. health care system.  DirectTrust makes it easy for health care professionals and their patients/customers to communicate widely with one another securely, with identity validation, and regardless of health IT end-user application.

Whether you are a health care professional, medical practice, health plan, hospital, pharmacy, clinical lab, or individual patient/consumer, there are DirectTrust members ready to onboard you with Direct exchange services right now.  

As of April, 2015, there are 31 EHNAC-DirectTrust accredited HISPs participating in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle,  which offers Direct subscribers a broad network of secure Direct connectivity both locally and nationally, via EHRs,HIEs, and web portals.  To find a DirectTrust network service provider ready to serve your community, see this page, and feel free to contact us at with your questions and comments.  

DirectTrust is organized as an independent non-profit trade association created by and for participants in the Direct community, our common goal being to establish and maintain a national Security and Trust Framework upon which trust relationships for exchange technology can be scaled and federated nationally. We define the Security and Trust Framework as a set of technical, legal, and business standards, expressed as policies and best practices recommendations, which members of the trust community agree to follow, uphold, and enforce. Based on this Trust Framework, DirectTrust has partnered with EHNAC to offer an Accreditation Program for HISPs and other trusted agents involved in Direct exchange, and has launched a Trust Anchor Bundle Distribution Service for accredited entities' use.  

Members of DirectTrust now include 150 representatives from Health Internet Service Providers (HISPs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), consultants, state agencies, and EHR vendors, as well as health care providers and provider organizations who are their purchasers and subscribers. We support both provider-to-provider Direct exchange as well as patient-to-provider Direct exchange.

In March, 2013, DirectTrust was awarded an ONC Cooperative Agreement to further our work in accreditation, trust anchor distribution services, and ongoing governance of the DirectTrust community. The Cooperative Agreement was renewed for a second year by ONC on March 25, 2014.  A part of the Exemplar Health Information Exchange Governance Program, the purpose of the grant award is to "increase interoperability, decrease cost and complexity, and facilitate trust among participants using Direct for health information exchange of personal health information for health care improvements"

DirectTrust operates in a manner consistent with the governance rules for the Direct Project and the NwHIN promulgated by HHS, ONC, and the mandates of the HITECH Act. DirectTrust is competitively neutral, and we welcome new participants.