Integrating with Emergency Departments

Hospitals want the most robust system for their Emergency Department which often means implementing a specialized vendor.  This commitment presents an added challenge of system integration. Data captured in the emergency department must flow to the patient’s medical record in the HCIS.  Orders, results and medications administered must be integrated between the HCIS to the EDIS to give clinicians rapid access to critical patient data and improve safety and quality of care.  In addition, ADT and billing data integration is needed to keep patient demographics up to date and ensure accurate and timely charges for services.

An Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is an important part of your hospital landscape providing increased efficiencies, better patient outcomes, and helping to create a complete electronic medical record.  End users expect seamless system integration and flow of data between the Emergency department system and their HCIS; the Summit EDIS Integration Solution can get you there.

Summit Emergency Department Integration Solution: Features and Benefits

  • LAB, microbiology, blood bank, and radiology results integrated into your EDIS
  • Seamless integration of ADT, orders, results, billing, reports, and clinical history back to your HCIS
  • Optional pharmacy, allergy, medication and vaccine integration
  • Clinicians have rapid access to discrete clinical data collected in the ED
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care for patients in the ED and the hospital
  • Leverage your investment in your existing interfaces by utilizing the Summit Express Connect interface engine for seamless system integration.  

EDIS Integration Solution