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The cannons of the Civil War have long gone quiet, but a reverence for the honor of the men who fought and died defending their way of life permeates this now peaceful valley.
Beginning in Hagerstown, Maryland and traveling Interstate 81 thru Winchester to Natural Bridge, Virginia, markers, monuments, parks, and museums keep the story alive – none so much as the reenactments where it is hard to discern whether the players are stepping back in time or the past has never slipped away. This is not a movie set. This is real life lived again.
Today’s Shenandoah Valley has now evolved into cities but the small towns are vibrant with culture and craft.  Local flavor restaurants, music and culinary festivals, museum and artisan galleries make a road trip an adventure. To add to the sophistication, the valley is the home to Shenandoah University and James Madison University bringing students in from all over the world.
One of the fastest growing timeshares in the US, Massanutten Resort offers its visitors nights in the mountains with easy day trips out into the valley to explore wineries and the new breweries and distilleries. The valley has a large agriculture base. The international influence is large in the valley which brings a mix of many cultures adding to the sophistication.

The Shenandoah River meanders through a landscape of proud and sturdy small towns where folks speak more slowly and are always polite. You know you are in the South. This place is a natural to be taken in on a back road bike tour or from a canoe in the Shenandoah, a ski run, or a zip line thrill ride. The Blue Ridge is always present, a graceful backdrop to whatever you choose to do here. Live in the moment but never forget the past.
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