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Find out where your organisation ranked in terms of social media sentiment across the whole of 2011.


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What are social networks?  Answers and opinions are provided with respect to the following essential questions:

  • Which one is the main one that matters to your bank?
  • Why have social network measurements not been widely used?
  • What measurements can be derived from analysing social networks?
  • How many comments have been posted per bank, featured during 2011?
  • How is the content of comments evolving over time?
  • Where are the opportunities for banks?
  • How to grow your business through social networks?

 Below you will find an excerpt from the report with contents, executive summary and sample pages. 



The most comprehensive UK social media banking report for 2011 is now available for the first time. The UK banking report is a must for all banks who wish to understand what is being said about them across social media platforms and how to use that information to improve service and gain competitive advantage.

The 105 page report analyses over 200,000 comments made by customers online and analyses the sentiments of these comments, whether positive or negative, for all main UK retail banks across 2011.

This report examines the use of social media networks and how financial institutions can improve their services through careful examination of the comments posted by people on those sites. Measurements for the main UK banks are provided with discussion of the results. Strategies and recommendations are included in the report that will help you make better business decisions based on the research derived from social media sites.

Topics of coverage include:

  • Share of voice for all banks.
  • Monthly trend for top 10 banks.
  • Top 10 Topics by number of mentions.
  • The disruptive forces that social network users will have on banks.
  • Individual focus of the top 10 banks.
  • Social Media presence.
  • Recommendations on strategy for the use of Social Media Research.

This report will help you to better understand: 

  • The banks which attracted the highest proportion of both positive and negative comments posted during 2011.
  • How the sentiment correlates to other performance metrics of your bank.
  • Key opportunities for your bank and how to grow your business through social networks.
  • The elements of your product mix that are working and those that require attention.
  • How to develop your products to further enhance your customers’ experiences.

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