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  • Matt (Forums Manager)
    Snap and Win!39100%
    BLOG posted March 16, 2015 by Matt (Forums Manager)ÜBERXprt (12,000+ points) 
    Snap and Win!

    There is a cool contest underway, in partnership with FOAP, offering great prizes. I think Motorola Owners' Forum members might want to take part.

    Here's the key info:

    Use your creativity to submit a photo of an Android moment. What is an Android moment? It's any instance that captures the spirit of Android. It's photos of Android devices, pictures that friends have taken with their Androids or photos with the Android brand, including the Android robot. Show us your Android moments.


    • 1st prize: $1000 in cash
    • 2nd prize: Moto X
    • 3rd prize: Moto X
    • 4th prize: Moto 360
    • 5th prize: Moto 360

    This competition is just waiting to be won by by YOU! 

    Get involved here

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