Why Okoban® ?                              

The Okoban system provides secure unique codes for baggage and other personal items at risk of getting lost (passports, laptops, tablets, keys, purses, luggage, cameras) linking these items to their owners.  Users purchase Okoban UID tags and attach them to their items.  The user registers the UID for free at Okoban.com and enters their contact information. If an item is found, the owner receives an email and text message notifying them where their item can be found.
Okoban is used at more than 2,200 airports worldwide and on 400 airlines. It is the first system designed for “Frequent Finders” of lost valuables, such as airline baggage service offices, hotels, car rental, rail, coach and ferry lost and found offices, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and police agencies.
Airlines can use the Okoban system to automatically notify passengers when their lost property is located. Okoban is directly linked to the SITA/IATA WorldTracer system that makes it possible for airlines to return found property faster and improve customer service.
Purchase includes lifelong coverage in the Okoban system and is provided as a service to the travel industry by Travel Sentry and its more than 300 partners worldwide.  The Okoban system can be used by anyone who has found an item with an Okoban UID.  The finder can simply go to Okoban.com and enter the UID and where the item was located. See the Need for Okoban (video)