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Reduce Data Entry


Spend your time using data rather than entering it.

  • Advanced resume parsing technology, HR-XML Compliant, creates new candidate records with virtually no manual input.
  • Self-configurable pull-down menus for populating forms.
  • Inbound email capture automatically uploads resumes and notes.
  • Import tools support Outlook, spreadsheets, CSV files from most database systems.
  • Web-services allow you to link, import and synchronize information from other providers.
  • Automated event triggers and built-in reminders populate your call list, keep-in-touch, and other notifications.
  • Optional features route resumes directly into your database via email as well as allowing bulk data upload from your hard drive.

Focus on your job by eliminating cumbersome data entry and maintaining accuracy and data integrity.

"I love the fact that we've been able to customize SmartSearch to meet our organization's needs. It is very easy to get people on the phone to help improve our results."

Jeff DeMordaunt,
Ardent Health Services

applicant tracking system talent acquisition staffing management