GDF – A World Leader in Computer Security

Since 2000, GDF has helped hundreds of clients counter a wide variety of cyber attacks in both the US and abroad. With GDF’s proven experience handling even the most sensitive cyber issues for such a wide spectrum of organizations, from heavily regulated sectors like large-scale financial and healthcare clients, to universities, design companies, and small and medium sized businesses of all stripes, there is no other cyber security provider that can surpass our level of expertise and real-world experience.
We have developed a prevention-inclusive rapid response program that combines proactive breach prevention solutions and fast Crisis Response Teams, resulting in effective and  highly cost effective cyber security solutions. And our 20+ years of experience enables us to flat rate many projects, making adherence to corporate budgets easier than ever before.

Vulnerability Assessment

A through examination of IT assets and procedures, as well as business-specific ESI practices.
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Penetration Testing

Breaking into a network or organization like real-world hackers as a means of finding security flaws.
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Post Disaster Data Recovery

Retrieving equipment and data in environmentally hazardous conditions.
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Application Security

Online and stand-alone application security systems code assessment, risk assessment and penetration testing.
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DDoS Protection Systems

Online protection from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.
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Mainframe Computer Security

Security “hardening” of mainframe computers, security assessments and penetration testing.
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Cyber Crime/Hacker Terminology

A glossary to help understand the language of cyber crime.
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