Data Breach Prevention and Response

In the US alone, there are hundreds of computer attacks and data breaches each week. Many go completely unnoticed until it’s too late, with only the largest and costliest ones ever making the news. GDF has prevented and remediated thousands of cyber attacks and data breaches, always using only proven techniques, and of course, the utmost discretion.

Responding to a Cyber Attack

  • Triage – Determine the level of compromise, set realistic expectations and consult on reporting and regulatory issues.
  • Containment – The primary purpose of this phase is to quickly limit the initial damage and prevent any further damage from happening.
  • Eradication or Remediation – This phase deals with the actual removal and restoration of affected systems. As with each of the prior phases of incident response, all actions taken will be thoroughly documented and can be used to determine the cost, in manpower and other resources, to determine the overall impact on the organization. GDF’s detailed documentation also helps ensure all the proper and necessary steps were taken to completely remove malicious and/or other illicit content from the affected systems, while also being extremely beneficial toward satisfying many regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Recovery – The purpose of this phase is to bring affected systems back into the production environment carefully, as to ensure that no further incidents occur. GDF can also assist in  hardening (securing) the systems to significantly reduce the organization’s vulnerability to further cyber attacks.
  • Postmortem and Lessons Learned – The purpose of this phase is to complete any documentation that was not done during the incident, as well as any additional documentation that may be beneficial in future incidents. This report will provide a play-by-play review of the entire incident, and will also be invaluable in determining the  answers to the big questions – Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.  GDF’s comprehensive reports  can also prove instrumental towards satisfying client, vendor and investor concerns relating to the incident.

Insider Attacks

While outside attacks and breaches are a serious problem, in recent months it is insider data breaches that have been grabbing the headlines. For prevention of insider attacks, we recommend network activity monitoring using a product like our C-All, GDF’s world-class solution for controlling and identifying insider computer attacks.

Cyber attacks can be devastating and imperative to act quickly to stem the damage. Call GDF for emergency services or a free, fast and discreet consultation at 1 (800) 868-8189.

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