YouSendIt Launches New Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

YouSendIt finished Q3 2011 with about 23.5 million registered users and is signing up an average of 1.5 million people per month.

YouSendIt, the cloud storage service that specializes in shipping large files and easy-to-use digital signage, came out Dec. 13 with mobile applications for iPhones, iPads and Android tablet users.

Not only that, but it also launched a new Windows and Macintosh desktop client-in the form of a folder-that automatically hooks up with the YouSendIt cloud when files are dropped into it.


The Campbell, Calif.-based company launched its e-signage feature (pictured) in July. With it, users simply employ a finger to write their names in script on the screen to sign off on documents online, including legal types, such as contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

Email broken?

"Email feels broken, and sending large files as attachments is hard to deal with," Vice President of Product and Business Strategy Brian Curry told eWEEK. "But the fact is, most people still go there when they are doing document and content collaboration, to attach files and send them. We are committed to being that onramp from email."

YouSendIt's security includes full encryption of documents, both in transit and while at rest on YouSendIt servers. Files stored on mobile devices also are encrypted and protected by an application passcode, Curry said.

The company has sharpened its focus on collaboration for enterprise teams and departments. YouSendIt can be used not only internally by companies, but within the same system to share documents with outside contractors and partners.

Users can synchronize information with partners and customers in a mobile, distributed environment and shorten the time needed to get work done. They can use a desktop, smartphone or tablet to do it, Curry said.

YouSendIt finished third-quarter 2011 with about 23.5 million registered users, Curry said, and is signing up an average of 1.5 million people per month. It introduces itself with 2GB free storage (including five e-signatures) accounts for individual users and makes its money on 50GB ($9.99/month) and unlimited ($14.99/month) accounts.

More enterprise-type accounts and new high-end features will be coming in 2012, Curry said. "We see ourselves as a suite of content collaboration tools (with storage, collaboration folders and e-signage)," Curry said.

YouSendIt's iPad, iPhone and Android apps are available now for download in the Apple App Store and Android Market. Windows and Mac desktop apps are available from the YouSendIt site.

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