Australian sportsbook bets on digital signage

| by Emily Carroll
Australian sportsbook bets on digital signage

Australian sportsbook UBET has unveiled a new world of betting, deploying digital signage to create a state-of-the-art sports entertainment experience for bettors.

With giant commercial-grade screens, stadium-style seating and digital betting devices, plus zoned audio, it's no surprise that punters are impressed.

In fact, betting and foot-traffic have increased, with excellent feedback received about their newly transformed locations: Moonah (Tasmania), New Farm (Queensland) and the iconic Brisbane hotel, The Norman Hotel (Queensland).

These locations are just the start of a nationwide overhaul across another 200 standalone UBET outlets and a similar overhaul of 1,200 pubs that house UBET agencies.

UBET's aim for the transformation was to integrate enough digital technology to appeal to younger, digital-savvy consumers, yet keeping it seamless and easy-to-use as to keep the traditional punters on-side. With this vision, UBET brought it together with their digital solutions partner Entwined.

"From the beginning of the project we worked closely with the UBET team, initially given the architects impression drawings to then go and design a robust, digital content delivery solution to meet the UBET vision for their modern-day venues," Entwined Director Cameron Hanns said. " I think the end result speaks for itself. We are very proud of our investment in this partnership and the delivery of the new UBET sites."

Along with a complete stadium-style environment, the transformation includes a combination of 42-inch commercial digital signage panels across giant video walls, information touchscreens and self-service terminals. Additional 85-inch commercial signage panels have brought the chain's Sports and Racing walls to life. These giant 85-inch displays feature quad-split technologies, which allow up to four different shots to be displayed on each screen. With technology continually advancing, quad-splitting on commercial displays provides easier, more seamless deployment and ongoing usage, perhaps eventually superseding matrix switching.

Zoned audio and headphone outlets allow for a more personalized betting experience than ever before.

Plus, benches lined with digital tablets give punters the opportunity to place their bets and browse sporting information through the simple point of touch. Of course, for those punters who prefer the "traditional" paper betting methods they can still do so, while enjoying the stadium-style makeover.

UBET's busiest location, Surfers Paradise in Queensland, also has undergone the transformation and is up and running in the new format.

The transformation has kept the consumer at the heart of the concept, providing them with a fully-immersive sports entertainment experience which is second only to being at the game or at the track.

An incredible transformation, state-of-the-art digital solution, punters on-side, plus a promising future ahead? You bet.

(Disclosure: The author's firm did not work directly on the UBET project but has an ongoing partnership with solution provider Entwined.)

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