Is content still king?

| by Celia Anderson
Is content still king?

The statistics behind experience-enhancing content are driving the implementation of digital signage, with 63 percent of people reporting that digital signage catches their attention and if given a choice, 42 percent would prefer to shop at stores where there is a video display. But is content really king? Or are these statistics a reflection of a well-strategized digital signage installation?

Content isn't king — strategy is

Businesses across various industries are capitalizing on digital content to create endless opportunities for customer engagement. However, forward-thinking businesses don't solely rely on content — they focus on the strategy behind it, constantly reminding themselves of why, when and how content should be used to capture the needs of their audience.

An effective communications plan does not solely rely on digital signage as an advertising platform, but instead incorporates it into the wider marketing strategy. By employing a marketing strategy focused around customer-centricity — which is in line with higher-level business objectives — organizations can then begin to deliver content that has purpose.

Without this, it's hard to capture and retain the interest of an audience. A brand is essentially the personality and philosophy of an organization, so keeping this consistent throughout all marketing content reinforces the message.

Taking your content to the next level

Content personalization has quickly become well established in retail. Technical advancements are making it easier than ever to deliver personalized, effective marketing strategies into the hands of the consumer or directly in-store.

There is an enormous amount of data available that can be integrated with digital signage, of which much comes from everyday transactions and third-party firms. Retailers are using the checkout process to present a range of product and event information based on this data. They are also using beacons to push personalized messages and manipulate the digital environment to suit the customer.

With the scope of marketing technologies available, it is important to have a strategy in place — one which ensures that both content and technology is fit for purpose. It's easy to forget about strategy when new and exciting technology, like digital signage, comes to the fore. But, in order to maximize the effectiveness of this technology, goals and objectives should be identified, the needs of the audience should be clear and content should be focused.

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Celia Anderson
Celia is the Digital Marketing Assistant for SignStix, a multiple-award-winning digital signage platform. She is a creative marketer with a passion for helping retailers enhance their online and in-store experiences through digital technology. wwwView Celia Anderson's profile on LinkedIn

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